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January 25, 2020: Reinhold Würth’s view on the impact of marketing on company success (in Würth’s case predominantly sales force).

“Reinhold Würth turned a mini company into a billion-dollar company. As a 84 years old person, he looked back on his work. Würth, who still accompanies sales representatives, gives an insight into decades of experience as a seller. He ascribes to his own sales force the largest impact on the rapid growth of his company in the past decades. “Sales force is 90 percent responsible for the success of the entire company. The IT specialists come in behind with five percent, and all the rest come to five percent,” told the 84-year-old company patriarch to the German Press Agency. He emphasized: “The most important thing is the salesperson: If our salespeople stay in bed for two days, our company would be dead. And if there are no more orders, then all the people here have nothing to do, then they can go home.”

Source: NTV,

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