Market Research

Part 1: Market Research Basics

Introduction Primary and Secondary Research
Data Collection 
Experimentation [1]
Basics of Data Analysis
Quality Criteria of Estimators
Statistical Tests 
Analysis of Variance 
Regression Analysis
Conjoint Measurement [1] [2]

Part 2: IT-Based Market Research with SPSS


Part 3: Market Research Advanced

Multidimensional Scaling [1]
Choice-Based Conjoint Measurement [1]
Auctions and Price Lotteries [1]
Psychometric Scaling [1]

Part 4: Special Issues

Customer Segmentation with Cluster Analysis [1]
Customer Segmentation with Neural Networks [1]
A-Priori Consumer Segmentation [1]
Correspondence Analysis [1]
Scenario Analysis [1]
Forecasting with Diffusion Models [1] [2]
Panel Analysis [1]