— I would seldom regret failures. But I would often regret missed opportunities —

If you conform to this statement, consider contact and cooperation with experts in the field of market-oriented management. Academic researchers are external experts who can enable managers broadening their view on management, are questioning habits developed in practice, and can have a different view on future.

We do not believe that the competitiveness of companies in Western societies could be guaranteed by ongoing attempts of cost reduction, by strict measures aiming to prevent employees from making any mistakes, by exerting strong pressure on suppliers, by introductions of manifold innovations per se, or by even evaluating any company activity regarding profitability in the short run. Instead, we suggest that companies benefit more in the long run from developing sustainable strategies how to identify, target, and deal with the present and future customers.

Wimu eV is a non-profit organization which could transfer current academic knowledge about market-oriented management to companies, assist companies in designing and conducting market research, and provide advices how to deal with future challenges in the field of customer orientation.

Wimu is the acronym of Wissenschaftliches Institut für marktorientierte Unternehmensführung (Scientific Institut of Market-oriented Management)