Teaching In The Times Of Corona
Dear students,

Thank you for accepting our offer to provide online access to our lectures. Thank you for visiting our website.

Below we provide important information about the Summer Term 2020.

First part of the Bachelor program: Please find lecture material at the Wimu Lecture site.
[already online]

Second part of the Bachelor program: Please find lecture material for „Sales Management“ (Distributionspolitik), „Pricing“ (Preispolitik) and „Communication Management“ (Kommunikationspolitik) at the Wimu Lecture site.

The lectures of the SPSS course have to be cancelled. May be there will be a block seminar at the end of the summer term. More information will be announced.

Seminar: Strategy & Information:

For more detailed information about the „Seminar: Strategy & Information“ in the summer term 2020, such as formalities, requirements, registration modalities, procedure, etc., please click HERE.

Case 1:

If you have already passed the course SPSS (IT-supported market research) and marketing (from the basic study period) in the previous semesters, we guarantee you a seminar place at our chair. In this case you can apply directly to Vanessa Haltmayer between Monday, 20.4.2020 and Sunday, 26.04.2020. In this case you do not have to apply via the central allocation process and you do not have to register via Studis.

Case 2:

Due to the current situation, additional students who have passed marketing (and at best other courses at our chair) and who had planned to participate in the SPSS course this summer term 2020 can apply. If the SPSS course should still take place in the course of the semester (e.g. as a block course), participation of all group members without SPSS in this course is required.

Please note: Students for whom case 2 applies and who absolutely must attend a seminar now (e.g. because they are already in a very advanced semester), are kindly requested to apply additionally via the central application process of the cluster strategy (for application modalities see homepage of the cluster strategy), since in this case we cannot guarantee you a place at our chair.

Please note that we can only supervise a manageable number of students and not an unlimited number of students in the seminar in the summer term 2020 . Please also consider the possibility of postponing the seminar by one semester.

Master program: Please find lecture material at the Wimu Lecture site.
[Advertising Part 1 and 8 are already online ]

Note, that we will also offer lecture material at the Digicampus site. However, due to copyright difficulties, we will have to find special solutions.