Visible Traces
– Reputation of an organization is more than the mere number of projects and cooperating partners and financial statistics; it is the evidence-based esteem dedicated to its members –

In cooperation with WirtschaftsWoche (a German magazine), researchers at the ETH Zurich and the University of Dusseldorf analyzed over 850 academic journals to evaluate the scientific outcome of 2,824 scientists working in the area of management in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at universities, Fraunhofer institutes, and Max Planck institutes. In 2019, our department achieved the 22nd rank position among these 2,724 scientists.

Belonging to the top one-percent of this ranking is not result of subjective impressions, rather than the result of engagement. It demonstrably provides visible traces in the body of knowledge. Students and companies are invited to benefit from this knowledge.

Research Ranking