Yesterday & Tomorrow
Organizing the annual Conference on Current Issues in Marketing (October 10-11, 2019)

The marketing department at the University of Augsburg invited the members of four chairs of Marketing in Germany and Switzerland to present their current work. Ten doctoral students of Verena Hüttl-Maack (University of Hohenheim), Silke Bambauer-Sachse (Université de Friboug), Sandra Praxmarer-Carus (Bundeswehr University Munich), and Philipp Rauschnable (Bundeswehr University Munich) presented their projects to a large audience of scientists. Most issues belonged to applications of findings in consumer research and the field of augmented reality.

Participating at the International Conference on Research in Advertising (June 27-29, 2019)

The ICORIA is the most reputable international conference on research in advertising. In 2019, it took place in Krems (Austria). Four papers of the department of Marketing at the University of Augsburg successfully passed the review process and were presented: Haltmayer, V. & Gierl, H.: “… and Action: The Effectiveness of Parodied Movie Posters in Adverting.“ Keller, B. & Gierl, H.: „Are Animals More Touching than Humans?“ Heberle, A. & Gierl, H.: „Should Companies Use Tattooed Models in Advertisements?“ Selenzow, C. & Gierl, H.: „Investigating the Effectiveness of Ads which Emphasize Particular Promotional Options.“

Guest Lecture of Michael Badichler, CEO Angelstrategy, on June 5, 2019

In a second lecture organized in cooperation with “Google Zukunftswerkstatt”, Michael Badichler presented various channels in online marketing with a focus on targeting in social media. Again, the presentation took place in front of hundreds of students in the Sigma Park room of the University of Augsburg.

Guest Lecture of Stephan Sigloch, CEO KlickPiloten GmbH, Stuttgart, on May 8, 2019

The Google company organizes the “Google Zukunftswerkstatt” which offers co-operations with universities. In this context, Stephan Sigloch offered a guest lecture in the Sigma Park room of the University of Augsburg in front of an audience of 600 students. He presented the fundamentals, possibilities, and trends in Online Marketing from the Google view as well as from the view of an external expert. For different online channels, he showed examples of successful implementation of Online Marketing.

Guest Lecture of Markus Moos, Independent consultant for Digital Transformation, on May 8, 2019

Markus Moos presented major challenges and solutions in the field of virtual reality. The audience consisted of 90 students of marketing at the advanced bachelor level and master students. Markus Moos introduced into the possibilities that are offered by virtual-reality tools in marketing, retail, and advertising, and demonstrated applications used in famous companies.

Seminar in Sion (March 03-08, 2019)

The seminar about “Tourism Marketing” this year took place in cooperation with the Swiss University of Applied Sciences HES-SO (Prof. Rolf Wilk) and two mountain railway companies in the Zermatt ski area. The project focused on the social media channels of the two companies, which the student participants examined by means of two empirical studies. The first study dealt with the evaluation of the companies’ homepages and their Facebook and Instagram accounts. The aims of the study were to evaluate the content, design, and navigation of these three communication channels and to derive recommendations for future improvements. In the second study, the social media platform Instagram of both two mountain railway companies was analyzed. Target-actual analysis was used to derive best-practice strategies. In order to facilitate the exchange with the Swiss students, the student participants of the seminar from Augsburg together with Christina Selenzow, Vanessa Haltmayer, and Antonia Kraus traveled to Sion. During their stay in Valais, the students presented their results at the HES-SO. Then, a panel discussion took place.