Be Openminded
– MINT is the Latin of today –

Education in marketing means to accept the position that the needs, wishes, and dreams of customers matter – not yours. To understand customers‘ desires, marketers do not just need to know what customers think and feel, they have to understand and feel it themelf. Getting knowledge about what others think and feel is a matter of technique. Understanding what others think and feel is a matter of education.

Marketing education means to make oneself open for areas customers might be interested in. They rarely are interested in products. Most likely, they are even more interested in viewing cat videos. Marketing education aims to prevent marketers from thinking solely analytically in term product benefits. Consumers think different (as the Apple company already knows) and thus marketers have to think differently as well. Consumers love things and ideas (e.g., friends, music, art, their dogs, humor, better taste, events, and visions). Understanding what consumers love is the best condition for successful marketing.