Our History
— Long tradition – many experiences –

The University of Augsburg was founded in 1970. Among the first departments, business administration and economics started with student education and academic research. One of the first professors was Paul W. Meyer, who became the head of the marketing department in 1971. He founded the predecessor of our non-profit organization in 1972. Over twenty years later, in 1993, Wimu eV was founded and replaced the former one. Its members consisted of the team of the department of marketing at this time and external experts. Since this time, Wimu eV is always composed of the current members of the marketing department of the University of Augsburg and occasionally some external members.

We mainly provide a platform – if companies or other organizations ask Wimu eV to assist them regarding projects, either we ourselves take over the jobs, or we transfer requests to our students in the major marketing courses and assist the students’ works, or give advices which different organizations could be contacted if Wimu eV is less suitable for a particular project.

Wimu eV are not focused on the region of Augsburg. Instead, we mostly accompanied national or international projects in the past.

The objectives and purposes of Wimu eV are established in the articles of this association.

Wimu eV pursues exclusively non-profit purposes. Its task is to promote the mutual transfer of knowledge between research and teaching and entrepreneurial practice in the marketing area, as well as to provide non-material and material support. In order to achieve this purpose, the association in particular offers a forum for the exchange of experience between science and practice, provides internships and supervise internships of students of the subject Marketing, offers opportunities to solve practical problems in the context of study education, disseminates the philosophy of marketing as market-oriented management, promotes marketing-related publications and ensures their dissemination, and initiates and coordinates a critical analysis of new ways of thinking in the marketing area.