Teaching In The Times Of Corona
Dear students,

Thank you for accepting our offer to provide online access to our lectures. Thank you for visiting our website.

If you are a student and participate in the first part of the bachelor program, please develop one or two ideas about your future specialization. Specialization does not mean that you will concentrate on a “cluster,” “major,” or “track” of lectures. Instead, it means that you create an idea about your future job. To provide an example: you may imagine yourself in the field of “market research”. Then, I would encourage you to take part in all courses at our faculty and other faculties which presumably contribute to this field (e.g., marketing, IT, psychology, statistics). Add internships that fit to this specialization. To give you another example: envision you want to work in the field of “make-or-buy decisions” of companies. Then, look for programs that enable you applying REFA-techniques, learn decision-oriented cost accounting, visit psychology courses which deal with impediments with regards to innovations. Look for appropriate internships. You may be impressed by “Green Singapore.” Then, I recommend adding knowledge from natural sciences, ecological issues, cost accounting, etc. If you really like fashion, complement your program with insights from areas such as fashion manufacturing, art and design, luxury marketing etc.

I recommend to refrain from following the average program. Specialists are needed, the “average” is mostly unneeded. In times of Corona, getting jobs will be more difficult. Thus: focus yourself.

Our programs provide a broad and deep insight into the field of market-oriented management. If you intend to select this specialization as focus, you are invited to participate. If this is not your focus, you are encouraged to focus on lectures from other chairs and faculties which fit to that focus.

Please note that, in times of online lectures, nothing will be certain. We do our best to enable written examinations, seminars, courses in which you learn SPSS, etc. However, we depend on what our administration decides.

For the current lectures, you will find manuscripts and videos on this site. If you find remarkable inconsistencies, please inform us via the regular e-mail address.